Monday, February 21, 2005

Provocative, compelling, and suspenseful!

Much has occurred since last we spoke, the best being receipt of the analysis and evaluation of my script "The Knoll Frames" from a WGA, Prime Time Emmy, and ASC award-winning producer. The evaluation was delightfully strong;( with the available ratings being Excellent, Good, Average, Fair and Poor) Premise and Setting were rated Excellent, Story Line, Character, and Dialogue all rated as Good. Overall writing evaluated as provocative, compelling, and suspenseful and the Recommendation a "Strong Consider" with the potential of be elevated to "Recommend" with a few suggested changes.

Got word today that another project in the works has taken a quantum leap forward also.

The rest of life has been quite intriguing. Numerous changes, hopefully for the best. I've been spending my days delving deep into the psychology of -- well, I'll just say psychology. Why we do what we do when we do it is a never ending puzzle of simplicity. I've been so busy living I hadn't taken time to grow with myself. My self-concept was malnourished and in dire need of attention. Yours may well be too. Take a moment to wrap your arms around you and give you permission to dwell in love, peace, and joy immediately. You might just take yourself up on it!

Talk to you soon!