Monday, April 26, 2010

Bloodstone Has New Management Team


Peggy Eldridge-Love of Peterson and Eldridge, Associates LLC is pleased to announce that Peterson and Eldridge, Associates has recently been named manager of the soul group Bloodstone. Management duties for Bloodstone will be shared by Peggy and Pete.

Peterson and Eldridge, Associates, LLC

Peggy Eldridge-Love
P.O. Box 410554
Kansas City, Missouri 64141

Pete Peterson
1214 W. 4th Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31707

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 'Hollywood Deception' Red Carpet Online Tour

Poetry in Motion Part Deaux

By Guest Blogger Shelia M Goss

The Hollywood Deception Red Carpet tour makes a stop on Peggy Eldridge-Love's blog. If you've been following me on the tour, you learned last week that although I have nine novels, I started out writing poetry. Peggy is one of my favorite modern day poets so since I'm making a stop here, I would like to share one of my earlier pieces of poetry. My main character Hailey Barnes from my new novel, Hollywood Deception loves poetry just like her creator.

If I Could

by Shelia M. Goss

If I could be anyone else in the world,

Guess who would it be?

I would be just like me,

but Better.

If I could love as deep as the ocean depths,

I would love deeper than any sea could be.

If I could be a star in the sky,

I would be the Sun.

Because the sun brightens up the day

when darkness passes away.

If I could be loved by someone,

I would be loved by you.

If I’m loved by you, then who would I want to be.

I would be just like me,

Why do you ask?

Because I’ve finally found you.

Shelia M Goss is the national best-selling author of six women's fiction novels: Hollywood Deception (2010), His Invisible Wife, My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Paige’s Web, Double Platinum and three young adult books: The Lip Gloss Chronicles series: The Ultimate Test, Splitsville, and Paper Thin. For more information, visit her website: or

What readers are saying about Hollywood Deception:

"With Hollywood Deception Shelia Goss has done it again. Love, lies and delicious drama! Pick this book up and you won't be able to put it down. Be ready though - this fun novel is not a passive read. You'll be yelling at Hailey, relating to her, wanting to slap her and cry with her all at the same time. Hollywood Deception is an all around good read full of scandal, just the way we like it. Well done, Ms. Goss!" ~Abiola Abrams is an Author & Media Personality. Viewers also know Abiola as the host of BET's short film show and Miss Picky of VH1's Tough Love.

“Glitz, Glamour & LOADS of Drama…Ms. Goss once AGAIN keeps me turning the pages with another ENTERTAINING, yet fictional glimpse into the fast-paced lifestyle of a celebrity.” ~ Sweet N Sassy, Book Reviewer

Hollywood Deception is Shelia Goss' ninth book. It's available in hardcover and paperback and is available in stores or online from any of the online outlets such as,, Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

George B. Luttrell II 1969

Note: This item is now available on Etsy.

What an interesting find! I found these two prints (silk screen ?) mounted on wooden blocks today in a thrift store. They are by the noted New Orleans artist George B. Luttrell II and are dated 1969, signed boldly on the back of each. One is named in the lower left corner "Balcony 639 St. Peter". Reminds me of a similar find I made not so long ago of a Jorge Dumas "Mother and Child" - a truly awesome piece that dated from 1964 that was signed and numbered.

I've recently acquired several numbered and/or signed pieces that I am researching. A couple of signatures I can't make out, a couple of others I've found limited information on. Then there is one entitled Gotzens by Rietmeyer 1984, a Martin Tang of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Edge by Walton Butts, Rough N' Tumble by Allen F. Brewer, Jr. 1960, something by C.C. Prysioc and another very nice watercolor by an artist named Eunice K. Gavan from 1988.

There are a number of "road less traveled" I like to call them thrifts where I've been finding quite interesting art. One of these days who knows what I'll dig up!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Of this one thing you can be sure!

There is NOTHING too hard for the Lord! Run with it!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Southern Journeys - Papa Jim

I just saw this excellent news clipping about the opening of the African-American fine arts exhibition "Southern Journeys" at the Appleton Museum in Ocala, Florida. A wonderful mention of Sonny's (aka Leroy Allen) portrait of our grandfather "Papa Jim"by the museum director, Ruth Grim, on the second page of the article.

It also brings back all my own memories of that awesome giant of a man. I captured him myself, actually at Sonny's suggestion, in my poem "Papa Jim" from my book You Beckon. He etched him in pencil and I tried to etch him on the tip of my poetic pen.

Here is that poem:

Papa Jim

He came into view, a giant of a man,
as red as the Mississippi dirt he farmed,
as liquid as the artisan springs that flow
unbidden from craggy cliffs and hills
that dot his land.

We poured from the whale-shaped chevy,
road weary but bright-eyed, seeing
for the first time to remember, our dear
Papa Jim.

I think I wrapped myself around a knee, my
brother somehow landed in his arms, while
mother, his daughter, beamed that this
one man's family was, for a moment at least,
all home. Our own father, arms draped about
my sister's neck, waited for his turn.

We were Kansas hicks, not quite city, but
completely dumb to the nature of chickens,
goats and pigs. He led us into hen houses,
rode us through pastures, taught us to swim
in his muddy pond. He was oblivious to the
scent of Magnolias but they became his smell

and when my mind conjures it the box of colors
in my memory come to life.

We must have driven back across
that wooden bridge that had no rails,
surely there were hugs and waves
goodbye, and at some point his image there
standing in the middle of the road shrunk into
the distance,


but though decades have mounted
and the earth has claimed him I have
never left those sun hours spent in
the radiance of his wholeness.

Through him I am.

You Beckon - 2002 - Write On Writers, Publisher - Peggy Eldridge-Love