Friday, June 30, 2006

Old Chum System

Ouch! That was ugly! I saw something last night that jolted me out of my opinion of one TV interview personality's character. Up to that interview I always felt he gave the benefit of the doubt to everyone who took a seat across his table. But he came across like a rabid pitbull as he inteviewed the guest he had on and it was based -- as he consistently expressed -- on his preconversation with an old chum of his whom felt the interviewer's guest had betrayed her. It was terribly uncomfortable to watch.

I know very little of the back story, so I don't know what all transpired between the chum and the guest, but I know I will never again trust the interviewer. Isn't that terrible! Just like that we can lose someone else's trust. Everything we've built, everything we've conveyed, everything we've said can be swept away in one indiscrete, unguarded moment. Talk about a lesson! It's one I'll make sure I keep in mind as I continue my own journey.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


My love of words has much to do with the respect for words we had in our home when I grew up. We chose our words carefully, always. We all understood that words, once set free, could never be recaptured and returned to their source, so we made sure we meant what we said before we said it, and that what we said did not create wounds that were so grave they could not heal.

Today, Father's Day, I think about my father. My beautiful, wonderful, loving, strong, funny, sweet, handsome, intelligent father, and the one thing he did better than anyone else in my life was to shower me with words that reinforce me, reassure me, and rejuvenate me even now, even in the absence and the void that time and death created when he slipped away years ago.

Thank you Daddy, thank you.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Influence of Truth

It seems time has been sucked into a vacuum so fast I didn't see it slip by. I have been too busy. It is time to slow down the pace regardless of what doesn't get done. Living this journey, at least seeing more of it than a quick, fuzzy blur, is what I want.

I picked up a couple of books that I read long ago that had life altering impacts on me as a child and very young adult and decided to read them once again. I really thought I'd gleaned all that I needed from them the first time through, and this reading would just be a poignant refresher, but both books opened up brand new areas of my life where the wisdom, energy and strength the writer shared was now needed. I have (of course) changed and so the messages, although the same, have changed as well. They are not contemporary, rather they are almost 'Dick and Jane' elementary, yet they are truths. Truths defy time.

It was how deeply I was impacted anew by reading the first book that caused me to pick up the second. Since I'm experiencing the same types of revelations with the second book, I'm compelled to suggest that someone else might want to take a backwards stroll through their own library and see what new is waiting for them in some bound pearl they have forgotten.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Release Date

The Knoll Frames release date has been pushed up to November 30th, but orders coming in from a major online venue alerted us that they still have it slated for release June 1st. I spent the morning checking to be sure they had the corrected release date since that change information was provided to them several weeks ago, and turned out they did.

They were real nice about it. They apologized, assured us that all the pre-orders were being properly handled, and said they hoped I wasn't too concerned. Not now I'm not! Especially not when emphasis was placed on the words 'all' and 'pre-orders' in the same sentence!