Friday, June 30, 2006

Old Chum System

Ouch! That was ugly! I saw something last night that jolted me out of my opinion of one TV interview personality's character. Up to that interview I always felt he gave the benefit of the doubt to everyone who took a seat across his table. But he came across like a rabid pitbull as he inteviewed the guest he had on and it was based -- as he consistently expressed -- on his preconversation with an old chum of his whom felt the interviewer's guest had betrayed her. It was terribly uncomfortable to watch.

I know very little of the back story, so I don't know what all transpired between the chum and the guest, but I know I will never again trust the interviewer. Isn't that terrible! Just like that we can lose someone else's trust. Everything we've built, everything we've conveyed, everything we've said can be swept away in one indiscrete, unguarded moment. Talk about a lesson! It's one I'll make sure I keep in mind as I continue my own journey.

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MsJayy said...

Trust is indeed fragile Peggy. I'm not sure enough people get that. Add to that, as a professional, the interviewer should never let his friend's opinions/perspective get in the way of his objectivity. Darn shame!