Monday, March 24, 2008

A Minute with Author M. LaVora Perry

This author brings so very much to the literary table! She's a star with a thousand points of light.

What's Your Name and the title or titles of your books?

M. LaVora Perry


Taneesha Never Disparaging, Middle Grade Novel, Wisdom Publications, September 1, 2008, ISBN: 0-86171-550-0, $8.95, Paperback

Teen Sisters' Health--A Mind, Body, & Spirit Wellness Guide for Girls of Color, coauthored with Linda Bradley, MD, an internationally respected physician of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation whose been quoted in Essence, O, and several other popular and professional publications. Dr. Bradley and I are seeking a publisher for Teen Sisters' Health through our agent, Susan Schulman of New York. These books, I think, are revolutionary because there are no others quite like them.. They give our girls straight facts about sex and more, and can save their lives as well as protect their self-respect and futures. For more information including excerpts, a table of contents, a fact sheet about the books, and more, visit

What genre do you normally write in?

I write across genres and for different purposes but I'm most passionate about juvenile fiction right now--middle grade to young adult.

Could you tell us just a little about yourself?

A full bio about me is available at And on my blog at

Will you give us a brief overview of your latest, or if you prefer, your favorite book?

This would be Taneesha Never Disparaging.

Here is Taneesha Never Disparaging summed up in less than 60 words:
What 5th grader bodyguards her limping best friend, runs a loser’s race for president, gets dissed by her parents, called “wimp” by her imaginary, evil twin, stalked by a teen ogre girl, and told she’s hell-bound because she’s Buddhist? Taneesha Bey-Ross, that’s who. And the whole mess just makes her go, “Dang!”

Where are your books available?

On Sept 1, 2008 Taneesha Never Disparaging will be available wherever children's books are sold.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

I am seeking a publisher for my sequel to Taneesha Never Disparaging. The sequel is titled Hidden Jewel and is a young adult book written from the point of view of the 14 year-old girl that bullies Taneesha in Never Disparaging. I am writing a series of books about children and teens set in the fictional northern Ohio urban community in which Taneesha Never Disparaging takes place. The third book is about Taneesha's 17 year-old brother, Randy.

I am also working on a story set in 5th century China. It's titled Dragon Woman's Song and centers on a father and son who are skilled calligraphers and the women with whom they fall in love. In the father's case, love leads to a bittersweet outcome--the death of his beloved and the birth of his only child, his son.

What one statement would you like to make that you think our audience and your readers might benefit from?

As long as you continually self-reflect, put forth your best effort, work hard to strengthen the areas in which you are weak, and stay focused on your destination without giving in to defeat, you can achieve anything you set out to do.

Thank you so much!

Thank you Peggy for requesting an interview. I deeply appreciate it.


I thoroughly enjoyed sharing this minute with this exceptional author with all of you!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Serial Novel

I'm going to do a serial novel on a blog. The objective will be simply 'the finish line', so it will be a journey of patience and love for anyone who decides to follow along. I'll fill in the details real soon. The blog will be separate and apart from this one, but there will be a link and ongoing notices of updates or anything else of note regarding the process.

This week I'm working towards the doll exhibit deadline. It will be at the University of Missouri-Kansas City African American Culture House Gallery from March 25 - May 31, 2008. It is simply entitled "Dolls". At the moment, new little dolls are introducing themselves to me on the tip of my needle. Not all will make it into the exhibit, surely, but all are a wonderful venture of exploration for me. This is "Blue Diva" and she is a really cool little doll that I had a lot of fun designing ... last night!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Minute with Author Shelia M. Goss

Now this author is one of my favorite people, and she is definitely on fire!

What's Your Name and the title or titles of your books?
My name is Shelia M. Goss and I'm the author of four books.

My Invisible Husband is the tale of one woman’s desperate attempt to stop the age-old question posed to all women at some point in their lives: So when are you getting married? To appease her family and friends, 34-year-old Nicolette Montana fakes a Las Vegas wedding. How she handles her web of deceit makes for a dramatic and sometimes comical story.

Roses are Thorns, Violets are True is sibling rivalry at its best. Rose's ultimate goal is to remain in the spotlight; preferable on the silver screen. To her fans, Rose is sincere, glamorous, and charitable; but to Violet, her twin, she's a conniving, manipulative person that starves for constant attention. Violet has always been able to forgive her sister's malicious deeds. Well, that is until Rose does the unthinkable.

Paige's Web tackles the subject of commitment phobia from a woman’s perspective by taking readers on a journey with character Paige Christine Webb. As a professional event planner, Paige decides to use her organizational skills in her personal life. Although meeting men has never been an issue for Paige, it's the 'ever after' that has her scared of commitment. Paige devises a fool proof plan to juggle three men which ultimately catches up with her.

Double Platinum is my most recent release. It was released this month. Double Platinum is about R & B mega star Parris Mitchell. To the world, it seems like she has it all. But with a declining career, she has nothing left but disappointed fans and growing depression. Hit Maker and Playboy Casper "CJ The Hitmaker" Johnson is looking for a new sound. He needs her voice. She needs her career back. Their drama from groupies and people from their past becomes the source of plenty of print for the paparazzi.

What genre do you normally write in?
I write in several genres; however only my books that are in the women's fiction genre have been published.

Could you tell us just a little about yourself?
I'll try to tell you something that you can't find in my bio :) Besides books, music is one of my favorite passions. Prince is one of my all time favorite artists. Paradise Island, Bahamas is my favorite vacation spot. Any Southern Jags out there(smile)---Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA is my alma mater. Sprite is my drink of choice. Why Did I Get Married is my favorite Tyler Perry movie. I enjoy blogging, playing online spades and dominoes.

Where are your books available?
Double Platinum, since it's a new release, is currently on the shelves at Wal-Mart, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc. Readers can also order it from one of the online retailers such as, Barnes and Noble, etc.

My Invisible Husband is also available in hard cover at, in addition to the stores and other online retailers.

All of my books are available at the stores or online. If you don't see it on the shelf, ask the manager to order it for you.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?
I am always working on something new. Once I know when the new manuscripts will be published, I can go into more details. It's challenging me as a writer and I look forward to jumping into new territory.

What one statement would you like to make that you think our audience and your readers might benefit from?
It's a cliche, but it's true--LIFE IS TOO SHORT. That statement to me means, do not let your life go by without expressing love to those you care about; do not let your life go by without pursuing your dreams; do not let life go by without doing things that make you happy. Life is too short not to live in "the now."

Thank you so much!

Peggy, I appreciate you letting me share my thoughts with your readers.

So glad you could take the time to share with us today, Shelia. The very best to you in your career!

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Minute with Author Linda Dominique Grosvenor

Here's a minute with genuine royalty!

What's Your Name and the title or titles of your books?

My name is Linda Dominique Grosvenor and my latest book is an inspirational non-fiction relationship book titled The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate.

What genre do you normally write in?

I normally write in contemporary fiction however now I'm leaning more towards suspense or rather I'm incorporating the suspense aspect into my fiction books more. Non-fiction is becoming more of a growing fascination for me too.

Could you tell us just a little about yourself?

I'm a seasoned woman with a poetic soul who loves words and the ability to craft stories from my vivid imagination. I currently live in New Jersey and am on the cusp of finishing off my eighth novel. To stir my creativity I love to walk hand in hand with my husband on the beaches of Sandy Hook.

Will you give us a brief overview of your latest, or if you prefer, your favorite book?

My latest book just happens to be my favorite book. It is a powerful book on learning how to love yourself better in order to boost self esteem and become content rather than beating the bushes to find that special someone. It also snatches away the excuses that people give as to why they can't maintain a viable relationship and has tools to aid couples in learning to love each other better. The Plural Thing definitely prepares readers to walk into their God-given blessing when it comes to acquiring and maintaining a mate.

Where are your books available?

You can log on to to purchase a copy of The Plural Thing through your favorite retailers or request that your local independent bookseller stock copies too. Contact me to ask me how.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

I just completed my eighth novel. It took everything in me to get this story out of me. It's the first novel I've completed since 2004 and I'm extremely proud of it. I've also just launched the Love Better Camp is the non-profit (pending) that was created to teach the principles found in The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate directly to men and women of faith. We'll be hosting group seminars, weekend retreats for couples and singles as well as launch the inaugural Love Better Camp Conference in 2009, and there is a forthcoming non-fiction title of the same name. If you want your life and relationships to have a fighting chance, you'll log on and begin browsing today. Love is too precious to wing it!

What one statement would you like to make that you think our audience and your readers might benefit from?

Whatever your occupation do it solely because you love it. Life is too short to toil away doing something you all out despise and offers you no real joy. Looking forward to each day with a smile is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

Thank you so much!

Peggy I must thank you for this opportunity. I absolutely LOVE what you are doing!

The pleasure was all mine! The best of everything to you!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Wearing Another Hat

Peggy Eldridge-Love Jewelry Designer
Photo Copyright Peggy Love

I'm wearing one of my other hats tonight as there is the opening reception of the 'She-Art' Exhibit, Celebrating Women in the Arts, at the Robert Frazier Gallery of Contemporary Art in Kansas City and I'm one of the artist exhibiting. In this instance I'm exhibiting my jewelry!

The list of artist is impressive and includes installation artist Richie Kaye, internationally celebrated quilter Charlotte O'Neal, painter Philomene Bennette, quilter and doll maker Nedra Bonds, watercolor artist Michelle Beasley, and a few more! The gallery director is the renown fabric artist Sonie Ruffin. The exhibit is up from March 7 through May 7, 2008!

I have another exhibit coming up right behind this one - a doll exhibit that I'm preparing for, but I am continuing to write. Honest.

If Kansas City is on your agenda over the next two months I hope you'll stop in and look at 'She-Art.' I believe you'll enjoy it immensely.