Saturday, February 27, 2010


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Organizing the Venture

So, finally, I've done it! I've taken my leap of faith and the venture begins in earnest. The first two orders of business will be mentally relaxing and transitioning from heading to work everyday to giving myself permission to follow my creative instincts where they lead instead. The second will be organizing the various areas in my house where I can focus and concentrate on a specific "discipline" with some reasonable sanity! That is the true challenge.

The easy one I'm tackling first. Where to store and organize the wonderful collection of yarns that I've both purchased and been gifted from friends. I don't want them in the area where I sew and create dolls because the tools, the materials, the mind-set and the commitment are totally different. I find that I really tend to knit wherever I go around the house, so it is more the storage and the ability to have colors, textures, needles and hooks where they ought to be when I want or need them that this space needs to provide.

I'm also improvising with the storage, using empty copy paper boxes for now to house some of the yarns until I can acquire something more aesthetic ... which may be never! The other bins are great for storing the knitting tools, purse handles, snaps and the like, receipts and instruction books, and my more expensive or unusual yarns.

So this is step one in organizing my venture. Once I have my creative studio spaces in order my mind will be much more at ease and the primary venture -- my writing -- will flow much better as well. I'm excited!