Thursday, August 30, 2007

Quasi-Literary Down Time

I haven't intentionally been on "no blog" recently, I just haven't been motivated to stop and reach out as far as writing is concerned. I even had a very nice live interview with one of the country's most talented new recording stars a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't had the fortitude to get that posted yet. It is like I just ran out of a certain kind of steam all of a sudden. I hope this post is an indication I'm getting my energy back.

I find at the moment that working creatively with my hands allows for a certain amount of retrospection that has some special healing properties. At least I think that is what I've been experiencing during this quasi-literary-down-time. I've made an array of new jewelry pieces, even tried my hand at making some of the cell phone jewels that someone brought to my attention. I went through and completely reorganized my beads, stones, crystals, glass, seeds, shells, bone, trade beads, countless findings, silver, gold hooks and posts and other jewelry making paraphernalia. That is saying something since I've been collecting all this stuff for twenty years or more!

I get odd bursts of inspiration for these creative projects too, like this art doll I made a couple of days ago. I named her FATIMA and find myself enjoying her immensely. ArtDoll-PS I think she represents tenacity to me for some reason. Ms. Fatima looks to me like she's become a sage of wisdom through much struggle and difficult experience, not by luck or preferential treatment of any sort. Still she seems content! Hummm.

But, hey, guess what! My right hand is obviously itching for its pen. Time to write. Time to get with it again.