Monday, June 10, 2013


Do you have your paperback copy of  "YOU BECKON" yet?

Some of it's 5 Star Reviews

Being a poet at heart I must highly recommend You Beckon by Peggy Eldridge-Love. They say poetry is subjective but I beg to differ, "First Fruits: A Wedding Lullaby," "Cold Fever," "Wall Flower" and "Go" (a simple yet urgent plea) just to name a few herald the love and appreciation of this collection. Peggy has a sweet way with words that carress you as you read like waves on an ocean vacation. I love the memories as if they were my own. I look forward to reading additional volumes of poetry from this wordsmith. You've gotta get a copy. This is a must for every collection.

5.0 out of 5 stars Timeless 
I feel fortunate to have been recently introduced to the poetry of Peggy Eldridge-Love. Her work does not provide easy, comfortable reading, but rather familar places, people and memories that figuratively beckon the reader to take a closer look at the tender ache that may wait beneath the surface of the ordinary. Through Eldridge's artistry, common contemporary scenes and themes of our shared recent history take on a new dimension. Her collection is filled with timeless peices that you'll want to read and read again.M. LaVora Perry,
Author of "Taneesha's Treasures of the Heart"

5.0 out of 5 stars A Creative Force At Work
" You Beckon" By Peggy Eldridge Love, is a collection of voices: A young girl, an old man, a worried wife, a soldier, a cosmopolitan and a lover as well as many others. All within the pages of this fine collection of poetry Eldridge Love handles many characters and gives them clarity and dignity that is rare in voices.
The poems work because the reader can connect with them and relate, living vicariously through their losses and victories.
The majority of Eldrdge Love poems succeed because they evoke a satisfying emotional response. It is one thing to write a well crafted poem that follows the rules of poetry, another to make a poem that touches the soul.
from " Repertoire"
I gave up wanting long ago
Believing that i bargained away
all hope of arms that might hold
eyes that could see
ears that wanted to hear
the repertoire of my soul.
Eldridge Love's poems are direct enough to draw the reader in. Complicated enough to hold the their interest. Love sports a fiskle intellect. But she doesn't put herself on a pedestal. She wants you to come into her world of words, which are often deep, always provocative and razor sharp in their brevity. Her family poem's " My Father" are snap shots of a Black girls life in Kansas who describes herself as a "hick", but don't be fooled by Eldridge Love's modesty. These poems are the documentation of a creative force at work.Erren.G.Kelly