Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Equator's Sun

Is there a perfect order to life? I believe there is, and even in those moments when all feels chaotic, when there are occurances that defy any ability I have to comprehend or embrace them, I still believe they are divinely ordained for the life I have been given to live.

I thought about that as it relates to President Elect Barack Obama. Having heard him repeat his own story and that of his mother and father - how they met, married, gave him life, and then parted - I wondered if they perhaps instinctively knew theirs was not just a coming together by chance, not just an ordinary girl and boy, man and woman relationship, but if they knew in their innermost beings something far beyond their own understandings had been manifest.

Those thoughts became this poem. I hope you receive it in the spirit I have written it.

The Equator's Sun

He is a kiss of the equator's sun against a cool Pacific breeze.
Intended, yet a surprise, come too soon,
but right on time.

Neither knew what drew them,
any more than they knew what
repelled them

only that once
upon a time
love demanded their obedience.

He was the gift left unwrapped when the guest had gone.
Intended, yet a surprise, come too soon,
and right on time.

He is the kiss of the equator's sun,
the hint of the days

and the days to come
in the simplicity
of his understanding

our obedience.

He is the sound of a cool
Pacific breeze,
the kiss of the equator's sun,

an intention
come too soon
yet right on time.

Peggy Eldridge-Love ©2008 – All Rights Reserved

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Moment in Time

And then the clock struck 10 (at least where I live) and the whole world changed ... for ever!