Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Have you lost your moral compass or have you found it?

Have you lost your moral compass or have you found it?

Do you now do and justify or accept behavior from yourself that for the majority of your life you elected not to because somewhere within yourself your self-respect didn't feel it supported its desired goals? Do you give yourself permissions you laughingly know your parents and family would have been appalled to think you would ever engage in?  Is it like there is a brand new person living in your old skin?

If you've taken up residence in this new skin for a while now have you also taken time to ask it some critical questions? Questions like how does it fit?  Who slept better at night? Who was/is healthier?  Who had or has more stress? Who managed or is managing to day better? Who did/do you like more?

And, where to from here? If this feels like the right path do you think there are other areas within that you need to alter? Do you want to release even more of  the boundaries you've set up for yourself? Are you wanting less responsibility, less accountability, less control, fewer commitments?

If it appears perhaps it isn't the good life you were seeking, if you realize in truth you are that original person who still thinks and feels like you thought you did now that you've had an opportunity to explore those other feelings, thoughts, things - tasted what might have seemed less inhibiting, freedoms, but left you feeling less fulfilled, flailing, disconnected - are you willing to try to return to and resume that life you traded? Can you?

Is the world really changing or is it only the perception being promoted of the world that has changed? Does it still only offer 24 hours in any given day to try to choose how you experience the living of it? Where you travel in it?

What direction is your moral compass pointing you?

Do you know how to read a compass?