Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OCHO #24 Featuring Twitter Poets Just Released!

Okay, so yes, one of mine is included. Check out page 46! Enjoy!

Long Live the Corset!

Okay, so I'm writing poetry about women (and men) looking and feeling good about themselves again! It's like Patti LaBelle's classic tune said: "I've Got a New Attitude!" I guess you could say "Long live the Corset!" Look what kind of excitement it's bringing back!

Time to Fall In Love Again...with yourself! Time to celebrate you!


A momentary glimpse halted my stride, caused me

to back up, make sure I was seeing what

I thought I was.

It was awesome, really, so much so

I backed up, made sure

it was real.

Sure enough there it stood,

crisp, stunning, the kind of sight

you see only now and then.

The smile caught me a wee bit off guard,

made me self-conscious that I had been

caught staring shamelessly

at the reflection of me

refractured by the rays

of the sun of a brand new day

dancing off the windows

of my world.

c2009 Peggy Eldridge-Love

I'm still completely awed by what I have been seeing happening to individual self-esteem with "Body Magic!" Clearly, I'm not the only one!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Poems in Denver Syntax Literary Review

I'm really, really pleased that two of my poems, The Cat on the Short Yellow Bus and Endings, appear in the recently released Spring 2009 issue of Denver Syntax Literary Review! Boy, am I in some good company! Check it out here or you can enter the direct link:

Saturday, May 16, 2009


What lies between a man
and his dreams
is rarely reality
rather the totality
of old wounds
still too tender
to shoulder the
cloak of faith.

Peggy Eldridge-Love

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow! DId That Really Happen?

I witnessed a hand full of miracles over the weekend and I'm still on a high as a result of what I saw take place.

I got an invitation from my niece and sister-in-law to attend an event they were hosting when they came into town for the Mother's Day weekend. My niece sent a couple of intriguing pictures of her mother along with the invitation. (Yes, these are those pictures!) They made me think "hum".

Despite being primed for what we were meeting about I came loaded to the gills with my seasoned, very healthy portion of skepticism! The pictures had piqued my interest, they'd even caused my husband to comment on how impressive the transformation was, but, well, I doubted seriously I'd have more than a passing interest.

How wrong I was! Wrong because I saw a room full of bright, intelligent women who came from numerous walks of life have their lives changed in the twinkling of an eye ... literally. (Sorry for using a cliche.)

When they slipped out of the room where we all were, slipped into a place where they could try on the miracle working garment that was supposed to let you drop two dress sizes in 10 minutes, and came back into the room looking two sizes smaller they simply were not the same women!

It wasn't that suddenly their tummy was tight, they bust high, and their hips firm, it was that they had been given a brand new vision of themselves instantly and they absolutely, unequivocally loved it!

I know. I was one of them that did it!

I told a hand full of people about Body Magic immediately, but then I decided to back off a moment and see how I really, really felt about the product. So here I am, dozens of unsolicited compliments later, still feeling great about myself because I not only want to look how the garment makes me look, but because I like looking like that again so much I'm willing to invest some energy in more exercise and intelligent living to look that way without the help!

I'm vested and invested in sharing the feeling! Just thought you'd like to know!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pink Chanel was April's #1 Download

Whoa Ho! I got a tweet from Didi Menendez letting me know that my poem Pink Chanel was the number one download for the month of April! That was definitely unexpected and a double pleasure since April was National Poetry Month.

It is number 24 on the Miporadio play list when it comes up (you can click here to hear it) and surrounded by some of today's most talented contemporary poets, so I was just happy to be in the neighborhood with such outstanding artist. How nice to discover that it was meaningful enough for poetry lovers who paused to listen to the some or all of the play list to have downloaded it!

The print version of Pink Chanel was included in the Cafe' Cafe' Edition of Mipoesias some time ago. You can see it online by clicking here.

Pink Chanel, like The Knoll Frames, are rooted in the impact the assassination of President John F. Kennedy had on me as a very young girl, and Pink Chanel speaks to the dignity that we witnessed First Lady Jacquelyn Kennedy maintain during that terrible time of national tragedy; a dignity I sought to emulate in a moment when I was faced with a personal tragedy beyond my ability to comprehend.

Clearly, this was a special thrill.