Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Ey Wade Review of A Bundle Tied in Red!

Last night I was excited because one of my Ebooks, "A Bundle Tied in Red" which I write under my pen name Tess Allen, was being reviewed on The John Wills Book Tree program on BlogTalkRadio. The excellent review was done by Ey Wade of Wade-In Book Reviews and I'd spent the day anticipating listening to the program.

Sure enough, at the appointed time I made my way to the site on BlogTalkRadio where I could find the necessary link to tune in to the program and I was actually quite proud of myself for having not run into any of the technical glitches I tend to do from time to time when I move beyond anything but the simplest of online connections.

For an hour I listened to the invigorating discussion that was going on between Mr. Wills, his co-host and their celebrated main guest of the evening about several of her books, and when, near the very end of the program he announced that the regular segment which was a book review by Ey Wade was about to air I waited with baited breath.

To my surprise, rather than the review of my book as I'd anticipated, Ey gave a thoroughly interesting detailed review of another book by another author. I thought, wow, did I get my wires crossed! She must have meant the review would air next week, not this! But then something guided me to take a look at the "episode" that I was listening to and yes, as you might have already guessed, I had tuned into last week's episode not the one that was currently airing!

So, thanks to modern technology I was able to download the right episode, the September 19, 2012 episode, shortly after it went off air, and, at the end of that excellent program with yet another very talented author, I heard Ey Wade's review start and to my thrill and delight her WONDERFUL review of "A Bundle Tied in Red"! I share that episode with you now here! Just click the player below for the entire episode or, if you feel like cheating, you can fast forward towards the end to hear the review! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks Ey!

Listen to internet radio with John T Wills Book Tree on Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Quite recently I experienced a series of events that genuinely left me wondering "what the heck was that?"! On one hand it was humorous, another flattering, another almost surreal in how it had come to that one cosmic moment in time.

It left me buoyant immediately afterwards, giving me an emotional boost that was more than welcome coming when and as it had, but the practical side of me was anxious for it to run its course as something I was focused on. Anxious because of my need right now to remain practical and dedicated to personal commitments I've already made to accomplish things I've already determined are in and for my best interest. Yet, it hasn't been quite so easy to dismiss.

This is synchronicity, a small voice whispered in my head this morning. There's more to come, it seemed to say. Of course I want to scream "what", followed by an even louder "why",  but instead I have just decided to entertain the possibility that perhaps there is indeed an intervention of grace at work in my life in a way more discernible than normal. The kind of grace that, rather than running like that constant underground current that God provides that allows our spirit to be nurished and  replenished ongoing, it is a highly charged grace not to be missed but to be witnessed and understood as it brings about tangible change that neither I, nor anyone watching from the sidelines can deny.

My task now is patience; it is simply to wait, because if in fact this is synchronicity its unfolding is a certainty.

Okay, so that said, let me go somewhere and find myself a quiet seat.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Living On the Tip of My Pen...Again

It has been quite a while since I just wrote for the pure act and love of writing for this blog. Like many others, I formed a circle of "friends" on Facebook and tend to stop there first, if not exclusively, when I sign on line. I realized recently that in many ways that has become tantamount to what occurred when we stopped phoning and opted for texting and stopped sending letters and cards and resort now to emailing. There is a great deal lost in those paradigm shifts; much more than can be immediately realized and much more than we can, as a society, afford.

This is my humble opinion, of course. Yet, because of changing circumstances in my own life it has become abundantly clear that sound bites (bytes) and snippets do not a life sustain. Emails and text messages do not substitute for warm voices and actual quick hugs. Timelines and dozens of photos of dogs, cats, hairdos, and someone elses' espoused clever words in interesting fonts and colors do not ultimately keep you "kissed" when you just need a peck on the forehead. I wonder, often, what we are really exchanging for life, not just for ourselves, but for those we love, those we have been charged with guiding and directing, giving a solid foundation, and exposure to the set of values we deem essential for a long range quality existence. Have we given in, submitting to unspoken defeat, because this is just the way things are now? I'm not at peace with that, so, personally, I'm not willing to accept it for myself from this point forward. I need more than 142 characters, more than an updated status report for personal sustenance.

What am I saying? I'm saying that I'll be stopping here more often than there when I need to share. I'll once more examine, when I feel a desire to subject myself to scrutiny, criticism, and accountability, my thoughts, positions, impressions, hopes, dreams, desires in this platform. This blog is calling me back. I might be the only one following me, but that too will be okay - I need to know where I'm going and very clearly the 'me' I'm now following.

So, Living on the Tip of My Pen is flowing fluid again. I hope you'll indulge me from time to time.