Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Quite recently I experienced a series of events that genuinely left me wondering "what the heck was that?"! On one hand it was humorous, another flattering, another almost surreal in how it had come to that one cosmic moment in time.

It left me buoyant immediately afterwards, giving me an emotional boost that was more than welcome coming when and as it had, but the practical side of me was anxious for it to run its course as something I was focused on. Anxious because of my need right now to remain practical and dedicated to personal commitments I've already made to accomplish things I've already determined are in and for my best interest. Yet, it hasn't been quite so easy to dismiss.

This is synchronicity, a small voice whispered in my head this morning. There's more to come, it seemed to say. Of course I want to scream "what", followed by an even louder "why",  but instead I have just decided to entertain the possibility that perhaps there is indeed an intervention of grace at work in my life in a way more discernible than normal. The kind of grace that, rather than running like that constant underground current that God provides that allows our spirit to be nurished and  replenished ongoing, it is a highly charged grace not to be missed but to be witnessed and understood as it brings about tangible change that neither I, nor anyone watching from the sidelines can deny.

My task now is patience; it is simply to wait, because if in fact this is synchronicity its unfolding is a certainty.

Okay, so that said, let me go somewhere and find myself a quiet seat.


Tee DubbZ said...

Tools of change often manifest themselves when we least expect it....causing a virtuous outlook on life and what else it has to offer -----my granny uses a saying- Roll with the punches....change and "synchronicity" seems to be life's little punches....which amazingly we enjoy because we cannot wait to see what may come next.... yes.... so flex your patience....and embrace the journey ...there is still so much more to learn .....love it...

Peggy said...

Thanks Tee!