Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Minute with Author Jackie Young

Here she is! You're going to enjoy this very special scribe!

What's Your Name and the title or titles of your books?

I'm Jackie Young – poet, writer, and all-around creative catalyst. My first published offering is a poetry collection entitled "Love's Reparations: the Learning Curve between Heartache & Healing".

What genre do you normally write in?

I guess you could say that poetry is "home base" for me. It's truly where I found I had a "voice". Ever the overachiever, I'm also dabbling in some fiction as well as non-fiction.

Could you tell us just a little about yourself?

Hmmm…what's to tell? I'm a native Virginian, the world's most favorite Aunt, a lover of art in all forms (writing, music, painting, dance, etc.). Overall, I'd say that I'm a true lover of life, love and learning.

Will you give us a brief overview of your latest, or if you prefer, your favorite book?

"Love's Reparations" is about growing through whatever barriers, pain, or fears we have to get to the best part of our relationships – be that relationship with God, self, significant other, family/friends. I like to think of it as a "deep tissue massage for the soul".

I have far too many "favorites" to single out one but I will tell you what they all have in common: definitely an engaging storyline. When I curl up to read them, I do so with highlighter in hand or pen/paper so that I can note those passages or phrases that just take me over the top. I love a story that teaches me something or challenges me. Along those lines, some of the books falling into that category would be anything by Pearl Cleage, JD Mason, Linda Dominique Grosvenor, Jenoyne Adams and of course Peggy Eldridge Love.

Where are your books available?

My books are primarily available via my website ( and Amazon. Barnes & Noble, and Borders will order if for you if requested.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Not as fast as I'd like to be but yes. I'm actually juggling multiple writing projects right now. I'm working on a non-fiction offering that I hope to publish in December 08. I'm also trying to corral the characters for my first fiction offering for a Fall 2009 release. And of course there's more poetry on tap – I actually pushed back my publication date for my follow-up collection so hopefully we'll see that in the second quarter of 2009. You'll notice that I didn't name titles. LOL Not being cagey – it's just that my muse likes to shuffle the deck on me so I'm waiting until we're further into the writing process to "name names" so to speak.

What one statement would you like to make that you think our audience and your readers might benefit from?

LIVE life out loud, on purpose - dream so big, so beautiful, so bold that only God can answer.

Wow, thanks Jackie! What a pleasure!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Review: 'A Raisin in the Sun'

Photo: Copyright Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
Review Written by Peggy Eldridge-Love

I saw what I wanted last night. I saw the ultimate in raw emotion spew up like an inferno and scorch an emotional trail that will leave an eternal imprint on my mind. I saw art at its absolute best, at least for me. I saw what I, as an artist - whether visual or written - ache to achieve every time I make an effort. I saw two moments in the 2008 presentation of 'Raisin in the Sun' on ABC that are my reason for blubbering like this here and now.

There were many, many moments throughout the production that I thought were wonderful theatre. Each actor carried their role and made their character a part of my life. I was intrigued with the excellent adaption of this production for today's television. Nothing was lost; both the feel of the stage and the film set were preserved for whichever of the two you, the viewer, were most comfortable with. It all worked.

I was deeply moved by Audra McDonald's delivery of Ruth, the peacemaker, and under appreciated wife. Saana Lathan was an interesting Beneatha, and, Sean Combs was a very welcome surprise in the role of Walter. The authenticity of Phylicia Rashad's Lena was quietly riveting for me. I knew Lena, a hundred Lena's, and I knew without question that so too did Phylicia and that it was that irrevocable memory of our personal Lena's that drove this production straight to that place of immorality.

So, I cut to the chase and name the two moments that I refer to. The first was that moment of self-truth, self-knowledge in which Walter (Sean Combs)collided with his unalterable reality and it was such a physical blow after twising and turning every way he possibly could to try to avoid its acceptance that he finally threw himself onto the steps and collapsed. What he was experiencing was a death and Sean's portrayal of that moment was that moment of learning of a death your soul does not believe it can bear. His performance was profound!

The next such moment was Lean's when she too was forced to accept the reality of not Walter's betrayal or poor judgement, but of how fleeting our worth can be regardless of the cost, how easily it can be dissolved in a split second, and how, no matter what she might do or say to preserve her deceased husband's tangible worth or even spiritual worth that she ultimately had no control over that whatsoever. It was the agony of surrender - of relinquishing that role of control to a higher authority - that I thought I heard and saw and felt in her near animal bellow of anguish. Letting go can be more painful than giving birth, and her letting go ripped the moon from its bed. I will never forget how she made me feel in that moment's performance - ever.

This production may not win an award of any kind, and it may be debated and compared to the original, and we may all have our varying opinions as to the degree of its worth. That is to be expected. But those moments are my "Play it Again Sam" and my "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a Damn" cinematic moments and I assure you, I'm keeping them!

Monday, February 25, 2008

A Minute with Author E. Joyce Moore

Gettin' to the Good Wood

What's Your Name and the title or titles of your books?

E. Joyce Moore

Gettin' to the Good Wood, Non-fiction
Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, Poetry
I Like Brown, Illustrated Children's Book
Jahzzara, Illustrated Children's Book, Multimedia project

What genre do you normally write in?

I write primarily in non-fiction, however I enjoy the creativity of children's books, poetry and I've started an adult novel. I have also written two scripts for television and am working on a screenplay.

Could you tell us just a little about yourself?

I am a mid-career person, who has the opportunity to pursue her passion in the arts, both visual and literary. I am focused on some specific creative projects, in both my writing and in the promotion of fine artists of color and African descent. It is my goal in 2008 to shoot my first film short and initiate my multimedia project and get two of my books published.

Will you give us a brief overview of your latest, or if you prefer, your favorite book?

I love my book of poetry, Ramblings Through the Attic of Thought, which has many pieces that many resonate with. I plan to load it onto Kindle soon. I am also fond of the children's book I Like Brown which is being illustrated by fine artist Charlotte Riley-Webb and will include a piece of children's art by Jourdan Toliver -- a piece that will go in the back of all of my children's books.

Where are your books available?

Gettin' to the Good Wood is available on Amazon, all others are not yet published.

Thanks for taking time out to share with us and the best of luck to you, Joyce!

Literary Road Trips

The beaten path is cool. Matter of fact it is normally safe and comfortable, predictable and, more often than we want to acknowledge, pretty darn boring. I'm stepping off my beaten path and venturing into byways and new avenues, back roads and some rocky trails.

One area of exploration is taking a closer look at the literature that is right around me, that in some instances is just starting to surface, while perhaps in some other cases it may be literature that should have - in my humble opinion - ripped through the stars that has gotten pushed to a back, dusty shelf. A lot of it will be the best of the best of new contemporary works, and I'll also be taking "A Minute With..." to share short interviews with authors I believe you need to know!

So, off I go in search of some literary excitement. Hope you plan to come along.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Minute with Author Vanessa A. Johnson

Here's an author you really should get to know!

What's your name and the title or titles of your books?
Vanessa A Johnson
Book Title: When Death Comes a Knockin'

What genre do you normally write in?
My first book was non-fiction, right now I'm writing fiction.

Could you tell us just a little about yourself?
I'm 49, a lifelong Louisianan, married 29 years, mom and grandmother.

Will you give us a brief overview of your latest, or if you prefer, your favorite book?
My book is a self-help, inspirational book about loss and grief. It chronicles my journey through the grief process after the untimely deaths of my mother and son in August & September 1994.

Where are your books available?,,, or from me directly.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?
Yes, I'm doing edits and rewrites on Sacrifices In The Name of Love, a coming of age, multicultural story about two teenagers who will ultimately learn that there are consequences to your actions, that sometimes dictate sacrifices to be made under the guise of love that's painful, but necessary.

What one statement would you like to make that you think our audience and your readers might benefit from?
Whatever your passion or your dream is, be persistent, even when others don't believe in you, believe in yourself.

Thanks Vanessa for sharing with us!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fears that Startle

I'm in a few excellent writing groups. There is one where we have the freedom and pleasure of just flying from the cuff and the beauty and magic that often flows there is beyond expressing. I'm in a few others where varying levels of critique are exercised. Some are rigid and exacting, while I think of another that is blunt, filled with exceptional craftsmen, and overflowing with an energy that can't help but spark new creative fires.

I shared this poem in a couple of them a few days ago and it was the response to the poem, not its structure, but its content, that I found intriguing. It was someone they knew, someone they loved, someone they distrusted, someone they ...

That isn't that extraordinary. Poetry should do that, but for some reason it was that little something extra that seemed to be between the lines in some of the messages and responses that piqued my intrigue. So, I thought I'd share the poem with you:


Seeing through to his hollowness,
I ache. He doesn't want me to,
see him, that is. Others don't.
They want him to be who he dreams
of being, but isn't.

I taste the fears that startle
him awake when truth
slips between the artificial
layers even he
has grown to believe.

Why should I feel such guilt
knowing there is no one to tell,
even if I want to. I don't.
I wish instead to be snagged,
converted by his glow.

I have been wrong I think
somewhere some time, but not
about this. Ever. He doesn't want
me to, see him, that is. And,
perhaps in reality, I don't.

©Peggy Eldridge-Love -2008 – All Rights Reserved

That deep tortured person some folk described as preceiving in the poem brought to mind this tiny little sculpture I created, too. The human experience is truly a mysterious journey.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Little More "Bought Sense"

Have you ever had someone hit a raw nerve that you had no idea was raw? It is an excruciating pain, not at all unlike that first instance when you bite down on something and a pain shoots through your mind, body, and soul and you realize the pain is actually in your mouth, in a tooth you had no reason to think might crack. I had one of those riveting experiences recently and it left me with much to think about and consider.

I was in a setting not at all conducive to anything but civility, and civil we all were as we politely exchanged our thoughts and ideas, but there was one person who kept dropping hints of dissatisfaction, deep sighs of frustration, and a good reason why anything anyone else thought promising was anything but. I found myself empathizing with that person, assuming they might have had a long, unpleasant day and that session with us was the time they finally decided it was okay to start to let the built up tensions go. Heck, I've had bad days, too.

I was feeling magnanimous for being so silently understanding when suddenly a few words were said that hit me in the mid-section like a bowling ball. Nothing big. Nothing overtly insulting or inflammatory, but the underlining ramifications were so vile and mean-spirited it was breathtaking. I almost started to hyperventilate.

What did I do? Very briefly I determined that I needed to set the perpetrator straight and with the breath I was about to exhale I was well on my way to accomplishing that when suddenly it dawned on me! This is so, so rich and so, so prime for my novel "Bought Sense!" This is exactly what I've been needing to bring out the true negative, mean-spirited nature in a character I've been toiling with developing that is such a wonderful little actress that she's been hiding her venom even from me - the writer who made her up!

I couldn't wait to get out of that setting and to my notebook! I was civil in that hour of civility which meant I didn't lose anything other than a quick, hot breath. Best of all I won another priceless glance into one of those extra special human natures that we only get an opportunity to glance ever now and again. It was all I could do not to run up and give them a great big hug, an extra little squeeze and a truly exuberant thank you for opening this perfect little door!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Great new things are happening! First, check out our brand new look! Blue, not pink! Feels really good.

Plus, I want to announce that Living on the Tip of My Pen is now a member of the Essence Ad Network! That is sure to add a wonderful dash of ongoing excitement.

I'm in the new Cafe Cafe issue of Mipoesias Magazine! Click on my photo once you get there and it will take you to my poetic contribution. Also, be sure to check out the Mipoesias Art Gallery while you are exploring, too. Cafe Cafe touts some of today's most gifted and celebrated contemporary poets, so be prepared for the profound! You'll find it in this issue at every turn.

Enough already! It is the wee hour of a new morning and I had promised myself I wouldn't keep pulling all nighters at the computer. It is time to rest so that as soon as the sun peeks through the clouds I'll be fresh and ready! I'm going to keep that promise!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Need to Pull Your Coattail

This is a situation in which I really got taken for a ride! This just occurred a few days ago.

Recently I've been researching ways to "make a few extra dollars" on line with ad clicks and so forth for web sites and blogs and I fell for what seemed a very legit opportunity. In a flash I had been snake bitten!

Turns out that "legit opportunity" was about to become a very costly mistake - but, a little fast thinking allowed me to get myself out of the quagmire. That's what I wrote about in this article "Ignoring the Fine Print Can Cost You a Mint".

Please check it out when your time permits and please, please share it! It could probably benefit someone you know!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some Tacky Fun

I got adventurous today. I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube. It was about my "muse" and how h/she has been on a roll lately, spicing up my creative life with all manner of creative exploration.

I can be shameless when it comes to art - to creativity - much like a child really. I'm like "looky, see, see, look what I've done!" I think that is because in my home, as a child, the creative side of us was so encouraged, and every little thing we did was a big event. I still expect it to be a big event, and so, even if no one else gets excited with me, I get excited all by my doggone self!

Since I was just playing with this movie maker thing on my computer I put all kind of self-serving stuff in the video. I didn't remember doing that until I played it back and thought, how tacky! Tacky or not, this is my first step into the world of MyTube, oops, I mean YourTube, ah, I mean YouTube.

Lights! Curtain!