Monday, February 25, 2008

Literary Road Trips

The beaten path is cool. Matter of fact it is normally safe and comfortable, predictable and, more often than we want to acknowledge, pretty darn boring. I'm stepping off my beaten path and venturing into byways and new avenues, back roads and some rocky trails.

One area of exploration is taking a closer look at the literature that is right around me, that in some instances is just starting to surface, while perhaps in some other cases it may be literature that should have - in my humble opinion - ripped through the stars that has gotten pushed to a back, dusty shelf. A lot of it will be the best of the best of new contemporary works, and I'll also be taking "A Minute With..." to share short interviews with authors I believe you need to know!

So, off I go in search of some literary excitement. Hope you plan to come along.

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