Thursday, January 26, 2012

Prayer Changes Things!


I can just imagine this as First Lady Michelle Obama's prayer at night after a day filled with the Jan Brewers, Birthers, blantant bigots, and the like who hate him not because of true political ideologies, but for one reason and one reason only ...


Prayer for Her Man

He came home all bloody again Lord.
I could tell he'd been fightin',
could smell the stench of
unfairness and inequity oozing
from his pores,
but it wasn't him I was worried about,
it was them.

Them poor ignorant folk don't realize
how I pray for him, and
don't know how you always hear -
they think they can jest do him
any ole' kinda way
as if he jest somebody don't nobody
see or respect,
as if he ain't one of your peculiar
people who you love and protect,
as if they know you better than
he do and you favor them
over him jest cause they...

Lord I ain't even sure they really
know you at all,
how can they and not see
how bright 'a light you put
in my man's mind,
how strong you made his back
and hands,
how perfect and faithfully
you made the love inside him
that keeps right on flowing
and growing even when he
comes home

all bloody cause he been fightin'
unfairness and inequity until
it stinks and oozes from his pores, but
he falls down on his knees
with me to give thanks to you
for the opportunity.

©Peggy Eldridge-Love
You Beckon 2002
Page 4