Monday, March 16, 2015

Buzzard's Luck - An Oxymoron Haiku

Buzzard's Luck
(An Oxymoron Haiku)

Saw a dead buzzard
on the side of the highway -
completely alone.

©2015 Peggy T. Rush

I thought about the irony of what my husband and I saw on the way to church Sunday morning; a flock of buzzards obviously feasting on recent road kill along the Virginia highway. I thought too about the irony of what we saw on the way back from church; a lone buzzard that had apparently become road kill itself. Strangely it was all alone - nothing flew above it, nothing picked and pecked at it, nothing wanted to feast on it.

That set of scenarios caused me to think this was an oxymoron of the "Buzzard's Luck" theory:
Can't kill anything 
nothing will die.

Somehow it seems oddly relevant and somewhat indicative of the social and political atmosphere we find ourselves dwelling within today.

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Girl in A Hat Fabric

Something new! Fabric designs! This one is "The Girl in A Hat".

Girl In A Hat