Thursday, September 20, 2012

An Ey Wade Review of A Bundle Tied in Red!

Last night I was excited because one of my Ebooks, "A Bundle Tied in Red" which I write under my pen name Tess Allen, was being reviewed on The John Wills Book Tree program on BlogTalkRadio. The excellent review was done by Ey Wade of Wade-In Book Reviews and I'd spent the day anticipating listening to the program.

Sure enough, at the appointed time I made my way to the site on BlogTalkRadio where I could find the necessary link to tune in to the program and I was actually quite proud of myself for having not run into any of the technical glitches I tend to do from time to time when I move beyond anything but the simplest of online connections.

For an hour I listened to the invigorating discussion that was going on between Mr. Wills, his co-host and their celebrated main guest of the evening about several of her books, and when, near the very end of the program he announced that the regular segment which was a book review by Ey Wade was about to air I waited with baited breath.

To my surprise, rather than the review of my book as I'd anticipated, Ey gave a thoroughly interesting detailed review of another book by another author. I thought, wow, did I get my wires crossed! She must have meant the review would air next week, not this! But then something guided me to take a look at the "episode" that I was listening to and yes, as you might have already guessed, I had tuned into last week's episode not the one that was currently airing!

So, thanks to modern technology I was able to download the right episode, the September 19, 2012 episode, shortly after it went off air, and, at the end of that excellent program with yet another very talented author, I heard Ey Wade's review start and to my thrill and delight her WONDERFUL review of "A Bundle Tied in Red"! I share that episode with you now here! Just click the player below for the entire episode or, if you feel like cheating, you can fast forward towards the end to hear the review! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks Ey!

Listen to internet radio with John T Wills Book Tree on Blog Talk Radio

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Ey Wade said...

You are awesome. I was so sad you missed the program. Thank God for all of the techie people he has made in this world so you could still get it. I really enjoyed your book. I'm tipping my way through The View, now.