Sunday, March 16, 2008

Serial Novel

I'm going to do a serial novel on a blog. The objective will be simply 'the finish line', so it will be a journey of patience and love for anyone who decides to follow along. I'll fill in the details real soon. The blog will be separate and apart from this one, but there will be a link and ongoing notices of updates or anything else of note regarding the process.

This week I'm working towards the doll exhibit deadline. It will be at the University of Missouri-Kansas City African American Culture House Gallery from March 25 - May 31, 2008. It is simply entitled "Dolls". At the moment, new little dolls are introducing themselves to me on the tip of my needle. Not all will make it into the exhibit, surely, but all are a wonderful venture of exploration for me. This is "Blue Diva" and she is a really cool little doll that I had a lot of fun designing ... last night!

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Shelia said...

I love your dolls.

Doing the serieal novel online is a great idea. I did a mystery series a few years ago and after getting good feedback from readers, it led me to write a full length novel.