Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Influence of Truth

It seems time has been sucked into a vacuum so fast I didn't see it slip by. I have been too busy. It is time to slow down the pace regardless of what doesn't get done. Living this journey, at least seeing more of it than a quick, fuzzy blur, is what I want.

I picked up a couple of books that I read long ago that had life altering impacts on me as a child and very young adult and decided to read them once again. I really thought I'd gleaned all that I needed from them the first time through, and this reading would just be a poignant refresher, but both books opened up brand new areas of my life where the wisdom, energy and strength the writer shared was now needed. I have (of course) changed and so the messages, although the same, have changed as well. They are not contemporary, rather they are almost 'Dick and Jane' elementary, yet they are truths. Truths defy time.

It was how deeply I was impacted anew by reading the first book that caused me to pick up the second. Since I'm experiencing the same types of revelations with the second book, I'm compelled to suggest that someone else might want to take a backwards stroll through their own library and see what new is waiting for them in some bound pearl they have forgotten.


MsJayy said...

Very interesting. I'm thumbing through my mental library for books that really touched me. And I agree with you - I too want to live this journey fully present & awake to it all.

Shelia said...

Peggy/Ms Jayy...every day we wake up is a gift from God and I am so guilty of getting so busy that I don't always enjoy it...sitting out on the porch in the country...watching the bluejays and the hummingbirds and little calfs running in the fields is so relaxing...I get to see that every Sunday when I go down to my grandparents house after church...but by Monday, I'm back to my busy routine. I'm taking time off in July to regroup and try to find a balance.