Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 'Hollywood Deception' Red Carpet Online Tour

Poetry in Motion Part Deaux

By Guest Blogger Shelia M Goss

The Hollywood Deception Red Carpet tour makes a stop on Peggy Eldridge-Love's blog. If you've been following me on the tour, you learned last week that although I have nine novels, I started out writing poetry. Peggy is one of my favorite modern day poets so since I'm making a stop here, I would like to share one of my earlier pieces of poetry. My main character Hailey Barnes from my new novel, Hollywood Deception loves poetry just like her creator.

If I Could

by Shelia M. Goss

If I could be anyone else in the world,

Guess who would it be?

I would be just like me,

but Better.

If I could love as deep as the ocean depths,

I would love deeper than any sea could be.

If I could be a star in the sky,

I would be the Sun.

Because the sun brightens up the day

when darkness passes away.

If I could be loved by someone,

I would be loved by you.

If I’m loved by you, then who would I want to be.

I would be just like me,

Why do you ask?

Because I’ve finally found you.

Shelia M Goss is the national best-selling author of six women's fiction novels: Hollywood Deception (2010), His Invisible Wife, My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Paige’s Web, Double Platinum and three young adult books: The Lip Gloss Chronicles series: The Ultimate Test, Splitsville, and Paper Thin. For more information, visit her website: www.sheliagoss.com or www.thelipglosschronicles.com.

What readers are saying about Hollywood Deception:

"With Hollywood Deception Shelia Goss has done it again. Love, lies and delicious drama! Pick this book up and you won't be able to put it down. Be ready though - this fun novel is not a passive read. You'll be yelling at Hailey, relating to her, wanting to slap her and cry with her all at the same time. Hollywood Deception is an all around good read full of scandal, just the way we like it. Well done, Ms. Goss!" ~Abiola Abrams is an Author & Media Personality. Viewers also know Abiola as the host of BET's short film show and Miss Picky of VH1's Tough Love. www.abiolatv.com

“Glitz, Glamour & LOADS of Drama…Ms. Goss once AGAIN keeps me turning the pages with another ENTERTAINING, yet fictional glimpse into the fast-paced lifestyle of a celebrity.” ~ Sweet N Sassy, Book Reviewer

Hollywood Deception is Shelia Goss' ninth book. It's available in hardcover and paperback and is available in stores or online from any of the online outlets such as Amazon.com, BlackExpressions.com, Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc.


Shelia said...

Peggy, thank you for being a stop on the tour. You already know you're one of my favorite modern day poets.I hope you enjoyed the piece I shared. Have a blessed day.

Shelia Goss

Angelia... said...

Angelia, still on tour with you :}

Beverly said...

Very nice poem

Well done!

Enjoying the Red Carpet Tour - probably need a couple of new outfits to complete the tour :)

Shelia said...

Angelia & Beverly, thank you for following me. You ladies rock.

Peggy said...

It is such a pleasure to host a small portion of your tour! I urge everyone to grab a copy and get caught up in the pages of Hollywood Deception. It's intrigue at its best!