Sunday, April 18, 2010

George B. Luttrell II 1969

Note: This item is now available on Etsy.

What an interesting find! I found these two prints (silk screen ?) mounted on wooden blocks today in a thrift store. They are by the noted New Orleans artist George B. Luttrell II and are dated 1969, signed boldly on the back of each. One is named in the lower left corner "Balcony 639 St. Peter". Reminds me of a similar find I made not so long ago of a Jorge Dumas "Mother and Child" - a truly awesome piece that dated from 1964 that was signed and numbered.

I've recently acquired several numbered and/or signed pieces that I am researching. A couple of signatures I can't make out, a couple of others I've found limited information on. Then there is one entitled Gotzens by Rietmeyer 1984, a Martin Tang of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pacific Edge by Walton Butts, Rough N' Tumble by Allen F. Brewer, Jr. 1960, something by C.C. Prysioc and another very nice watercolor by an artist named Eunice K. Gavan from 1988.

There are a number of "road less traveled" I like to call them thrifts where I've been finding quite interesting art. One of these days who knows what I'll dig up!

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