Monday, January 03, 2005

Serious Thought

I've become quite prolific lately. I know I have to strike this iron while it is hot! I'm writing non-stop. Kicking out and posting a new screenplay short, in the middle of a new romantic comedy (screenplay), awaiting word on another fiction project (this one a joint effort) that attracted an agent's attention and putting the finishing touches on projects slated for release early this year.

I'm thinking of doing something that ordinarily I would not consider, but, I'm sort of following my "gut" on this one. A quite credit worthy producer approached me about analysis and evaluation of a particular script. No promises, no guarantees, but just fair analysis and evaluation. I've just about decided to do this to get this script either on the dime or have a good idea of why it has been missing the ultimate "mark!"

What sets this individual apart is that I see where he is actively optioning and/or purchasing scripts of emerging screenwriters on an ongoing basis. It appears that if you have something to work with he will defintely give it some energy.

I planned to make a final move on that today, but we have an ice storm brewing and travel on our highways is not advised. I'll see where I am on this at the end of the day.

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