Sunday, June 05, 2005

Light on the Subject

I'm taking stock, not because I want to, but because I have to. It sounds like a cliche but nothing better describes where it all is right now than simply to say that my life has spun completely out of control.

I'm incline, when it gets this crazy, to do something drastic. My life is pock marked from the evidence of those drastic leaps, most of which definitely were not for the better, and my pyche bewails the price paid and time required to undo those past rash decisions.

So, this time I will take stock and reach for every ounce of wisdom and experience I possess, I will pray and wait for guidance and direction rather than running headlong into a 50-car emotional pileup. I hear something within urging me to go in and assess where I've let my vision sink to by simply not paying attention to it. Heck, I know that's true because I'll be darn if I can even articulate precisely what it is even as I write this. Sounds like a good place to start then, doesn't it? With my vision.

Clearly I'm not going to find it stuck here in this corner, glaring into this computerized box, clicking through my "favorites" and "bookmarks" as if some website is going to miracelously give me the key to life. My life! Be real.



Shelia said...


Although you're going through the storm right now, know that you're not alone. Go into your prayer closet and release it all.

Peggy said...