Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fair Exchange

It's been a while, huh? Sorry, but my life has taken a new and decidedly interesting turn that is truly keeping me busy right now, and truly making me have to take a good look at what I'm really, really made of!

I've stepped outside my tidy little cocoon into the real world where no one is going to give a hoot how well I write, how clever the greeting cards I create may be, or anything else from my creative world. What will matter is how well I accomplish what I've committed to accomplish for them, and in return I will be rewarded with what currently matters most to me... a paycheck! Sounds like fair exchange to me!

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Initially I'll admit to having discovered some startling things about myself - my steel trap mind is just a bit rusty! Things that used to instantly adhere like super glue now sort of float out there in my mental cyberspace for a bit and I have to actively go grab them and nail them down before I can honestly say they are mine! Bummer on one hand, but excitingly thrilling on the other. I love to learn, love to expand, love to increase, love to become knowledgeable of yet some other facet of this world I live in.

On the writing side there are some really exciting things on the table that hopefully will solidify soon and one that recently came to fruition. I was notified that one of my poems will be included in the literary journal Lorraine and James in their winter 2006 issue! Also, several poems from YOU BECKON are slated to be included in the 2006 calendar put out by a major greeting card company - I signed a release for its inclusion last year, but I haven't heard anything futher about it - so, I'm just waiting on the calendar! A couple of anthology projects are on the table also - one is looking very promising, and another has a strong thrust as well. The Knoll Frames is still on target for December 31, 2005 - and I can't wait to say "that's a wrap" - a print wrap that is.

Just wanted to update. Be blessed all!

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princessdominique said...

I'm so excited about all that's going on with you. I'd love to get information on how to get a calendar too!