Monday, July 17, 2006

Pulling Hair

Watercolor - ©Peggy Eldridge-Love

Gosh! I haven't been weepy in a really long time, but I'm on the verge of tears tonight. There is just so much that is in flux, so much that is outside of any control I think I might have, and I'm forced to just wait and waiting, although a virtue, isn't one of my best.

I am so ready for the things I want to flow smoothly to just lock into place like a jigsaw puzzle and be done with. Instead, my plight always seems to be a little piece of the puzzle over here, another piece here, and then I'm scurrying around, holding this piece this way and then that, trying to see if it goes here or there! Enough! Enough! Enough!

There, I've had my cyber tantrum. I guess I should be okay now. Guess I really don't have a choice. I have to wait.


MsJayy said...

(((Hugs))) I was the same way Monday - ready to burst into tears, on the verge of exhaustion. It passed. Yours will too!

princessdominique said...

I need to have a cyber tantrum now too.

Shelia said...

Peggy, I think we all go through it...sometimes it helps to get it off your chest.