Sunday, September 24, 2006

So, that's it!

There are times when you forget why you are doing something in a specific way. It might be something that feels awkard, or seems excessive, or just simply doesn't flow naturally, yet you continue to execute it in the odd manner that now and then makes you stop and wonder. Then, BOOM! That brick wall that nearly knocked the who-knows-what out of you when you hit it straight on before suddenly pops back up in your face and you stop just short of crashing into it again, and you say to yourself, "ah ha! so that's it!" You realize that's what has had you ducking and dodging, twisting and turning, in an effort to avoid another such collision.

I need to start hanging out with elephants. They never forget.

1 comment:

MsJayy said...

I think I hit that brick wall head on today...don't know if I ran into it on my own...or if I was pushed. Keep rising Sis, keep rising!