Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Spirit

I've been consumed with the true spirit of Christmas and the absence of it in the eyes of people I see, on the landscape as I ride, and even my own numbness that ought never be.

The passion of Christmas, the passion of the spirit of holiness, of love, of peace, of joy, of hope, and of mercy is what I long for once again. I pray that it begins to smolder in us all as we travel through these next few days, regardless of our faith or religion, but because of our commonality; our oneness as humans sharing this earth. May we all be consumed by a burning spirit of love one for another.
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MsJayy said...

I constantly hear people lament the loss of the real focus of Christmas & I'm perplexed. Yes, the world has commercialized this holiest of holidays into something almost recognizable BUT for those of us who are charged to be IN the world but not OF the world, we should never lose our focus nor let our energy be diverted from the REAL reason for the season. CHRISTmas will live as long as we continue to believe & pass it on. Easier said than done at sometimes but that's life. Happy Holidays!!

Peggy said...

I'm definitely one of those lamenting obviously. I may be getting more sentimental as time moves on, I'm not sure, but this particular year I have felt a keen longing for something that was once so prevalent around me. Thanks for reminding me of whose responsibility it is though to get that in check.

MsJayy said...

Maybe that's what truly going on - more folks truly longing for what once was - that purity. Can't say that I haven't felt it myself over the last few years. I watch my nieces/nephews & others open gifts - for my niece it takes HOURS & I'm not exaggerating. As I was shopping this year, I found myself asking "What do you possibly get for a generation of kids that have everything?". I decided to go back to my old gift-giving standard: they each get 3 gifts (clothing, toy, & something educational). Afterall, the Baby Jesus "only" got 3 gifts, right?

And you're not're yearning. :O) For me there's a difference. :O)