Thursday, June 28, 2007

Palibra - Like iTunes for Writers

Not long ago I got an email from an agent making me aware of Palibra. I was in the midst of completing and returning edits to my other agent, as well as juggling a host of other labor intensive projects, so I'd set the information aside.

Well, yesterday was the day I had that extra moment to explore Palibra and my hands got a little clammy with excitement once I did. As the founder, Edwardo Jackson, describes it, it is sort of like an iTunes for Writers, a place where writers can offer their short narratives (8,000 words or less) to readers for immediate download for less than a dollar. Just a penny less than a dollar at .99, but pennies do add up after while!

I was impressed with some of the names I saw that were already contributing. Writers I respect like Gloria Mallette, Karen Quinnoes, Lolita Fields and others. I signed on as a contributing author right then and offered a short work of fiction that speaks to the unspeakable issue of female castration entitled The Grabour Bush, along with another little inspirational piece, Sometime It's Only a Caboose. (Late update! Check out an excerpt from Tell It Like It Is as well!)

I think it is a great concept. It really offers writers the type of sounding board we all have long really needed, but, it also gives readers something tangible and tantalizing too! Palibra sounds like a win-win for everyone to me.

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MsJayy said...

Wow. That's an interesting concept. Hope it really takes off for him. Going over to check it out myself.