Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mud Pie Maker

Okay, I'm letting you in on another part of me! I love to make things out of clay! It started with mud pies when I was about five or six ...
Miscellaneous 045
not only had I already started to write my own fairy tales but I felt the need to try to illustrated them as well, and ... Miscellaneous 035 mud was my medium of choice! I say it started with mud pies because when school was out in the summer one of my favorite past times was making mud pies, and my father made me believe that I was the most creative mud pie maker who ever existed, because he'd stop and examine the ones I had lined up on the sidewalk, and those that he liked he'd pay me a nickle for!
Miscellaneous 046 That was all the incentive I needed! I went from mud pies to eggs by the bushel, thinking he might purchase them individually (tee hee hee)
Miscellaneous 032
but he was too smart to fall for that! He kept it to a nickle for mud pies, but I was already fascinated with what you could do with dirt and water and words and imagination and making my characters three-dimensional became a way of my little creative life!
Miscellaneous 031 I forgot about that part of my creative spirit for a long, long while, but a few years ago while rushing through a craft store my eyes fell on a row of clays and those hot summer Kansas days flashed across my heart and mind and I stopped.
Miscellaneous 038 I bet I can still do that, I thought, and half an hour and a sizable number of nickles later I left the craft store with a bag full of multi-colored clays!
Miscellaneous 028
So, here's the results! There's "The Napper" and
Miscellaneous 030 and "The Crown of Thorns",
Miscellaneous 033 "The Egg Bearers",
Miscellaneous 034
"The Making of a Prince",
Miscellaneous 045 "The Champ and His Contender", and,
Miscellaneous 047 being the eternal optimist that I am, "The Bushel of Eggs!"

Thanks for indulging me!


Shelia said...


princessdominique said...

simply amazing!!!!!!!

Peggy said...

Shelia -

Thank you. And you are quite creative with your dots there!

Dom -


MsJayy said...

These pieces are simply beautiful. The more I "know" about you, the more I want to know.

Peggy said...

Thank you and ditto the sentiment!

Shai said...

Ok, I am floored. You are the ultimate artist. I mean you pulling it out from everywhere. What don't you do? LOL.

I am in awe.

Shai said...

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