Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wish It Was Me

Life is so intriguing. Recently I ran across the blog of a new young author who happens to be represented by an agency that also represents a project I'm working on. This young author is just straight forward, honest, and given to giving blow-by-blow detailed information about her interactions with the agent who is also the agent representing our project. She elaborated in her blog on hours long strategy sessions on the telephone, discussions about the anticipation of pre-empts and auctions, excitedly shared how she'd been requested to provide synopsis for yet to be written books to be pitched simultaneously, and, even as a mere blog reader who doesn't know this writer, my heart was thundering at the possibilities and probabilities that await her when all is said and done.

It actually brought tears to my eyes.

Wish it was me.


MsJayy said...

It will be you. In your time (rather His). He has to prepare the rest of the world for the beauty of your gift.

PS. NOW will you adopt me? *LOL*

Peggy said...

Absolutely, MsJayy!

Thanks for the vote of confidence.