Monday, January 19, 2009

Yesterday's Dream Becomes Tomorrow's Reality

Whom we celebrate on January 19, 2009 and whom we will inaugurate on January 20, 2009 are proof positive that dreams do come true.

Inauguration of Hope
Copyright Peggy Eldridge-Love - 2009

Look what happened when they took the chains off and gave us access

Look where we went with the width and the breath of the wisdom

given us

by He who created the universe.

When the doors opened we rushed through them,

Not to pilfer, but to drink from the fountains that used to tell us ‘no’.

Those who came before us bent their backs willingly for us

To step up on them and reach a little higher.

Those who had the vision knew that sometimes it would require

The very life they lived for a few to make it over to the other side.

When we got there, the mantle finally passed our way,

We did not scream for retribution or blood gifts to right the wrong,

We came with hope and change, promise and dreams for all.

Suppose there had never been chains to contain us

Suppose we had always been privy to the dream

But suppose only for a moment since the path before us starts today.


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