Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Date with Jesus - Carla J. Curtis

Have you heard about this book yet? A Date with Jesus? If you have not, you will. It is quitely becoming one of the most sought after books by Christian women's groups as a true inspirational guideline for a closer, truer, more intimate walk with the Savior Himself. It is serving as both a wonderful handbook for workshops and retreats, but more importantly a beautiful, personal bedside book for times of meditation and prayer.

Carla J. Curtis is a well-respected inspirational author and a much sought after public speaker. Other of her books include Grip the Rope and A Single Woman's Parenting Journey: Tips for Survival. Carla's simple and profoundly insightful ability to translate the needs and desires of the Christian woman into meaningful,unforgettable solutions between the pages of her books leaves you certain she is divinely touched.

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