Sunday, November 29, 2009

Common Sense the Baby Boomer's Ace

Photo Copyright Peggy Love

Not too long ago I found myself in a situation in which I was confronted with an avalanche of information that I needed to absorb and absorb in a matter of a few short weeks. Just about everything seemed to be riding on it, but I realized I was no longer 21 with a 21-year-old steel trap for a mind. The temptation was to panic, but that task demanded action, not panic, so I shifted myself into fifth gear!

As a little girl, my mother used to tell us to put our book under our pillow when we went to sleep after we had studied our lessons. I realize now it was a physiological ploy on her part, but it always seemed to work! So, under my pillow went the materials I needed to absorb, night after night.

Read it aloud, record it and play it back to listen to throughout the day as time allowed. Yep, the age old study tactic, but I employed it also. The old art of focus and concentration through listening and comprehending returned full force.

I also remembered a possible memory enhancer supplement I'd recently purchased but hadn't yet started to take regularly. I began that regiment, too.

I don't know which of my actions was the catalyst for success, but when time came to meet the demand I was facing I met it and accomplished it with confidence and ease! It was a reminder that even in this age of light-speed information it may well be that ageless common sense that we fail to remember and draw upon when we need it most that tips the table in our favor.

Why not dust yours off and see where it takes you some time


This looks interesting:

And this is my recently acquired constant listening/recording companion!

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