Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roles Not Rules

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Roles change. The issue is that we sometime don’t recognize, acknowledge, and move into those changes in a timely fashion. When we don’t our lives start to sputter and stall much like a car with worn out spark plugs. We keep emotionally turning the key, putting our foot on the gas, and sometimes our engines will turn over and we’ll start to move, but we know things aren’t as they should be, and know absolutely that it is time for a tune-up if we want to continue to travel forward.

Recognizing, understanding, and accepting role changes can be one of life’s most rewarding opportunities. It isn’t easy necessarily, but it doesn’t need to be horrifically difficult either. We just have to be willing…to grow.

If you are a Christian, as I am, you know that throughout the Bible no one who was used of the Lord remained the same. They were in constant movement, constant challenge, constant growth, and constant need of His guidance and direction. David, for example, started out as a shepherd boy and ended up as a King. Mary began as a quiet young virgin and became the mother of God. Paul was the enemy of Christ and became His most ardent proponent.

Their roles changed. They had to let go of something in order to take hold of something more, something greater than themselves and their own limited image of just what they wanted or just how they thought it should be. And, they had to sacrifice their grip on pride and fear in order to move into the realm of the unknown will of God.

My roles have changed. My roles are changing. I am learning and I have begun to reach up and out so that I can crawl into the open arms of the Lord’s will for me. I’m growing.

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Celestyne said...

I'm observing the coincidence of our times in space now and the similarity of content. It's helpful to feel connected through your energy.

LU Celestyne