Sunday, March 21, 2010

Putting My Hand to It

"My First Bird" Work in Satin, Peggy Love 2010"

"The Cook's Last Meal" Mixed-Media, Peggy Love 2010

It has been a month since I took the plunge. A month of seeking a sense of direction and exploring creative impulses. In truth, it has mostly been a month of just plain fun. At this point I'm not taking anything I turn out too serious. It is more giving head to whatever comes.

A couple of works-in-progress that have "come" include a mixed-media work tentatively titled "The Cook's Last Meal". It's a quasi-needle sculpted doll, stuffed, but not wired, no painted face as yet - not sure if it is calling for one. At first I was building it around a doll head I'd created sometime ago from Cernet clay, but it took on another feel; a need to be mounted on canvas with a story to tell. The dear old cook, after one too many hot days in the kitchen has keeled over on the kitchen floor. I think she'll be able to get up ... at least the hope is that she will, but she, along with her faithful old trivet, are at the moment down for the count.

"My First Bird", on the other hand, is ready for flight. The inspiration came from a thrift store find - a thick book of vintage satin fabric swatches - that were just begging for some special use. Thus, my first attempt at creating a stuffed bird. I drew and cut out a patten, rattled through my boxes of sewing notions, and let the imagination fly. What fun!

Otherwise, I am writing. Actually I'm taking a few creative writing courses to bolster my confidence and expand my skills (I hope). The triggers and the cracking of the shell of new ideas is fabulous. The words are starting to just pour forth. I'm so grateful.

That's my update. I can only hope next month is as productive and holds as much fun!


mister jim said...

Cool crafting. Do you work with
polymer clay at all? I was thinking
pendant magnifiers/monocles might be
a nice decorative/practical play.
Drugstore magnifiers are all junk,
and if you use a glass lens you can
probably cure the frame around the
lens right in the oven. I know
where to get nice lenses. hope that's
not too odd an idea.

Peggy said...

Hi Jim,

Yes, I do use polymer sometime. I make some beads and a few spheres of multi-colors from it that I like. Very interesting idea, yours. Hmmm.

mister jim said...

I'm keep pondering ways to make
the bird shake on that wire.
That's a more complicated thing.