Friday, May 07, 2010

New Poem in Poets and Artists (O&S) June 2010 Issue

One of my poems has been included in this issue of Poets and Artists (O&S)! This one is entitled Free Wrapping with Purchase (After Christmas Sale) and can be found on page 82. As with all my poetry, I hope it provokes an 'ah ha' or a nod or a tear or a laugh, or whatever emotion it stirs. If so, I've been true to my art, true to the craft.

It is always a thrill to be included with such extraordinary artistic talents, and this time is no exception. Thumb through the issue now and please, enjoy!


Yo,Jimbo! said...

Very nice...the rhetoric of

The software for O&S seems
to work a lot better these days.

Peggy said...

Hi Jim,

Thanks. Yes, O&S is very impressive. The contributors in this issue were just amazing. Such an honor whenever our words are published, isn't it.

I saw your upcoming NY gig ... Wow! Congratulations!