Tuesday, February 01, 2011

From my studio window...

Photos:Copyright Peggy T. Love, All Rights Reserved

This is the snow from about a week ago, not the blizzard we are in the midst of today. The quiet beauty is a reminder of the need to slow down, to allow the life flow to just feel its way unimpeded by the urgency so inherent in our current times.

I was working on a project, stumped somewhat because something I'd anticipated would be a given was clearly going to be anything but, when I felt the urge to get up and creep down to the landing at the foot of the final set of stairs that led up to my studio.
For a moment I sat on the bottom step and looked out the triple windows mesmerized. The sight of the unbroken snow that was still falling was such an unexpectedly calming reward. Finally, I knew I needed to capture the moment.

I tiptoed back up the stairs and retrieved my camera, eased back down as though I might disturb the snow if I walked hard and shot a few shots, including these. I felt I was taking a photo of "peace".

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