Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love Bites Romantic Appetizers

Okay! Maybe you haven't heard of them yet, but I guarantee you soon you will. So, let me be one of the first to introduce you to "Love Bites", little romantic appetizers ...Ebooks that deliver that extra special little buzz when all you want is to feel good and enjoy!

First in that marvelous line is Essence Best Selling Author Shelia Goss' "The Kandie Shop". It is available all over the net, but on this page I'm including a link!

The next in the series is the debut romance novel by Author Tess Allen "The Jewel Thief". It will tantalize your love of romance and mystery and definitely leave you wanting a little bit more.

It too will be available at most online book stores within the next few days, and is currently available from Lulu and in most formats at Smashwords..
or .Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.The Jewel Thief (Love Bites)

So! Enjoy! You heard it from me and I'm proud you did!

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