Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Feel Better about Yourself in 5 Seconds!

How to Feel Better about Yourself in 5 Seconds!

Inhale and exhale. There's nothing more relevant to feeling alive than breathing...Enjoy!
This started off as a quirky little wake-up I posted to Facebook this morning, but the more I thought about it the more it resonated with me. How easily we take for granted the gift of breath, the wonder of life, and the joy of living. How amazing that we do.
If we are plugged in to any form of media, whether TV, radio or the Internet, we are bombarded with the heart wrenching news of how many of our fellow human beings aren't able to exercise this privilege any longer, often due to unexpected circumstances, far too frequently due to tragedy or crime. How are we processing those realities? Where are we filing that knowledge away? Do we really know?
Is our grant of a brand new day something that truly penetrates our inner levels of gratitude, a fact that we recognize for some unique reason we have again been privileged, or that we understand is a wondrous continuous opportunity to do something that will improve our own life, the life of those we know and love, and the world we still abide in? It should be.

Do it. Inhale and then exhale gratitude for your 'now'. If you feel the rush of that knowledge make each one you find yourself aware of today a memorable contribution to your being. It uniquely belongs to you and you uniquely belong to life.

©Peggy Eldridge-Love 2013

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