Monday, October 28, 2013

Toxic People: Emotional Food Poisoning

This is from another blog that I write entitled "The Rattle Within". Thought I'd also share it here.

Toxic People: Emotional Food Poisoning

I recently had a sudden encounter with food poisoning. I was awaken by violent cramps and a revolting feeling that lasted for about an hour, an hour in which my body was doing everything it could to eliminate and expel the violating intruders which had invaded my health.  Fortunately it was short lived and about a half-hour later I was thanking God for the return to physical calmness and  thought how I never wanted to feel what I’d felt during that episode again. The thought that rushed to mind immediately thereafter though caught me off guard, but I’m certain it came from that same source of healing as that which had relieved my physical suffering. I am sure it was a thought from God.

Rather than forget how you felt, my mind seemed to say, you want to remember this agonizing twisting and turning when you encounter people whom you know are invaders in your life bringing with them toxic dysfunction, deceit,  needless drama, anxiety, confusion, chaos, and hurtfulness. Just as your body fought with all its might, even though for a while it was painful and difficult to endure, to drive out whatever you had consumed that was poisonous, allow your wisdom and your truth to recognize and fight a sometimes equally as painful and difficult internal battle to loosen and expel that or those toxic poisonous people causing you anxiety from your system as well.

Not easily done in many instances. Especially not if we are dealing with friends, family, long held relationships, or perhaps those whom hold sway we believe over financial health or well-being. But recognizing the sound of this ‘rattle within’ is a great place of beginning, a great opportunity to begin the process of letting go.

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