Saturday, November 30, 2013

From a distance...from now on.

Once upon a time I think I enjoyed the riddle of "why". You know, there was an odd romance to trying to figure out what made others do the things they did that sometime left you guessing, and, if it was a matter of the heart, stinging. There was an ego need to try to reverse or alter or prevail or even win, and, when determined enough, winning was often the outcome. Or, was it?

There is a unique joy in living long enough or maybe wise enough to no longer be driven by fruitless challenges. No one is more amazed oftentimes than you when you find yourself shaking your head 'no' and easing away without malice or anger, frequently still feeling all the emotions of caring or love if there is a person involved, yet not needing to subject yourself to the hornet sting to prove your worth or theirs.

Whether agape, phileo, or eros, friend, family, or intimate, accepting abuse, thoughtlessness, disrespect or disregard is not a prerequisite of proof of commitment to genuine love. True love can be just as eternal and just as genuine... from a distance.

Photo Credit: ©Peggy Love
Image: ©Nudgies Greeting Cards - All Rights Reserved

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