Friday, January 13, 2006

Thinking Aloud

Last night the strangest thing happened. I went to bed earlier than my husband and was asleep when he finally came upstairs and climbed into the bed. I awoke to the -- I know this sounds some kinda way -- to the sound of his thinking! I'm serious, he was thinking so loud and his thoughts were so heavy they woke me. I surprised him by suddenly asking, "What are you thinking? I hear your thoughts."

We've been married long enough that he just laughed, and began to tell me what he was thinking. They were very poignant thoughts about a loved one we lost not very long ago. As he unburdened himself, I heard his being quiet and knew he'd found a peace that only that conversation would have allowed. Very shortly thereafter, he was asleep.

I realized that it was that same sixth sense that brings my characters to me that had tapped me on the shoulder for him. Don't get me wrong. I'm very intuned to my husband on an ongoing basis - I can sense his needs, moods, wants, and desires with a simple glance - but this was different. I think my muse nudged me awake this time for him. That's a real good sign, because my muse isn't known for either being generous or compassionate when it comes to me and my time. Maybe s/he's mellowing with age.


Shai said...

Wow! Peggy I can identify with your sixth sense doing things that may not make sense to others. How powerful it is.

Tell me how did you get to a point where your husband did not hestitate to say what way really on his mind? You know the question, What are you thinking, is dreaded by many men when a woman asks that. LOL>

MsJayy said...

You are something else Peggy! I understand how you could 'hear' your husband thinking...I had that same connection with one of my exboyfriends. Weirded both of us at first. This post really makes me smile at the possibilities & wonder of love, real love. *Sigh*