Friday, February 16, 2007

Give me an "E"!

My poetry book, You Beckon, has just been released as an eBook. After a lot of posturing and wishy-washy thoughts about whether or not to go that direction, I'll admit to being excited. The eBook has a new cover. Sweet as they were, the children are gone, and the cover now indicates that You Beckon is for grown-ups. Time will tell if that makes a difference, but, for the moment, it feels good.

The photo selected is one that is also inside the book. It is a likeness of the author from many moons ago, yet I remember the day, the hour, the second, the very moment it was taken as though it just occurred. But, (pun intended) life beckoned and I have definitely moved on from days like that when that was my image. But ah, the memories!

Also, eBooks are tricky. Different readers produce different results, so I'm sort of waiting with baited breath, hoping everyone will have excellent viewing experiences. The samples I saw were great. I'm going to trust that everyone else will have equally enjoyable reads!

You Beckon - The eBook!

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MsJayy said...

Good deal Peggy! Love the pic. I've got plans for an ebook or two myself. Shhhhh!