Thursday, April 26, 2007

You've Got Mail

A few weeks ago, following the startling death of someone I loved beyond words, I wrote a poem titled "You've Got Mail". The one thing that I realized, that absolutely ripped my heart asunder, was that although I spoke to this beloved person virtually everyday by either telephone or email, that when I stopped to think about when I had actually looked him in the eye, actually seen him face to face, it had been weeks. Weeks in which I had not been privy to the erosion of his health and his spirit in ways that perhaps I feel I might have been had I been looking at him, weeks in which he had been able to put up a good front that gave me a false sense of security ...

"You've Got Mail" very fortunately struck a chord with a number of people who heard or read it. A few close friends immediately responded to its message, particularly on the heels of my personal pain, and have shared with me the personal and individual changes they have begun to make in their own lives, with their own loved ones and with friends; changes that bridge the gap (forgive the cliche) that once was so easy to justify because it is 'the way things are now.'

Bob Marcacci was one of those people who immediately responded to "You've Got Mail". He asked, and I readily consented to it being included in an anticipated poetry radio program. When something happened and that program didn't materialize, Bob asked if he could use the poem in another radio podcast he was producing and I gladly obliged.

It is the message of "You've Got Mail" that matters, and I feel it is divine providence that has given it the type of platform it has received! So, I hope you'll take a bit of time to listen to this broadcast that includes "You've Got Mail". It is close to 25 minutes into the program before it comes up, but the other poetry that is here is humbling -- Catherine Daly, with her exquisite poetic resume and the others ... makes me wonder at my good fortune to share the billing with them, so, put on your thinking cap and tune in to this poetic escapade now! If you haven't already, please click on the player and tune in right now to the 2.4 i-outlaw! program. May you never again be the same.

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MsJayy2 said...

I can relate to the look you in the face piece of this. I have a friend who calls me regularly. When he asks how I am, I answer and if my words don't jive with the vibe he's getting, he ALWAYS says he needs to look me in the eyes and hear me say that. Ironically, it is the same thing my closest girlfriends/family members say as well. We have to move beyond this "but I called/emailed" and truly CONNECT with each other.

As always, I pray you peace, love & light.