Thursday, April 05, 2007


Photo ©Peggy Eldridge-Love "Worthy" - All Rights Reserved

The thing I value most right now is silence. When I can be still, when I can quiet my spirit, and listen to my heart I find a measure of peace. There is so much love in my heart. It is almost like the ocean, like its evening tide, rushing back and forth, bringing its vast offerings as it comes in, yet rinsing the sand of unwanted deposits and debris as it pulls away again. I am grateful for those moments.

I know eventually some sense of order and normalcy will return to my life. I know in time I'll again laugh freely and have hours in which this thundering agony that now rumbles just beneath the surface won't constantly overwhelm me. I know that day is coming. I am sure of it.


Shai said...

Silence and peace more valuable than gold. I LOVE your picture. It makes me go, AWWWWWWWW.

Writing, painting and photography, I am impressed. I wanna grow up and be like Peggy. LOL.

Shelia said...

Peace is priceless. We get so busy in our lives that our lives become full of noise...quiet is what's needed to bring some order.