Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back on Point!

The Gala Opening and Celebration of the Life and Art of Leroy Allen at the Robert Frazier Gallery of Contemporary Art was awesome. A profound thank you to Sonie Ruffin, the gallery director (and yes, she's the world reknown fabric artist and author) for moving mountains and much, much more.

A huge amount of my attention had been focused the last few months on helping make that event a reality, but now that the exhibit is in place (runs through January 2, 2008) it's back to a couple of exciting literary projects. Some doll making (my Wee Be Wee Folk line) and jewelry designing are also on tap since they have found homes in art gallery gift shops! I'll have plenty to keep me busy ahead.

Although bittersweet in many ways, seeing the outpouring of love and appreciation for my brother and his gift that came through the gallery doors hundreds and hundreds of times for the celebration will be a memory I'll cherish forever more. Thank you one and all for the love!

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