Saturday, December 01, 2007

Can you say Luqman Hamza?

So Christmas is approaching at the speed of light! It was just here, wasn't it? What caught me up short was the package we received yesterday, beautifully gift wrapped in exciting Chrismas paper, from my sister-in-law. She is always on top of things like birthday, anniversary, graduation and holidays, while I, on the other hand, slide in at the last minute leaving a long dark mark with my heels!

Books will be high on my list of giving this year. I have a few in mind that I believe will be well recieved and appreciated, but along with them I am going to give this CD because of all the music in my collection currently this one brings the most consistent pleasure and joy.

It is not a commercial classic, and unless you happen to catch Luqman Hamza while in Kansas City at the Peachtree Restaurant or at The Blue Room, you might never be exposed to his exquisite sound, but that is a shame. I guess that is why, every time I have an opportunity or think about this CD I have the need to tell somebody about it. It is too good to horde.

If you are on my gift list some Luqman Hamza is probably going to be in your stocking. Bet you'll know how much I think of you then!

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