Sunday, January 20, 2008

5000 Words a Day

Today I need to make sure I write my 5000 words if I hope to meet the deadline I committed to earlier this week. And tomorrow, and the next day, the next day, and the next. It shouldn't be an issue since I've taken a lot of time to reorganize and schedule. I've made sure too that I don't over commit, or set unrealistic goals for myself because what I seek from here until eternity is balance and peace in my world.

As far as the visual arts are concerned, I've been invited to exhibit in a couple of gallery shows in the early spring. One I'll be exhibiting my jewelry and the other I'll be exhibiting my dolls. Several of my paintings were also included on the Mipoesias Art cover recently, which was really a good thing. So, I'm also busy designing a host of new jewelry pieces and dolls, but, for the moment, I've put my paints and pencils down.

I moved my studio/workshop up to the third floor where the light (especially the north light) is awesome. Once upon a time the third floor was a ballroom and another room was said to have been the original owner's children's classroom - this house is over 100 years old - so, on occasion, I let my imagination loose and imagine the parties, the people in their high spirits and finery, and the children who were once occupants. The energy sometimes is almost palatable!

I'm making sure I give back more too. I've added a couple of civic activities and I'm trying to keep both my eyes and my heart peeled for real people in need that I can somehow assist. It's time.

There are one or two areas I'm weighing - activities that it may well be time to relinquish, but that have been very meaningful to me in the past. I'm trying to listen closely to my spirit in these regards, and, whatever that final spirit led conclusion is I'll follow.

All in all it is good. All in all I am blessed.

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