Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oops! Hubris!

I deleted and edited my year end blog entry! Seems I might be have been guilty of a wee bit of hubris. I stand corrected!

The New Year has been exceptionally kind! Much to be thankful for. Hope yours is beginning that way too!


Oh, my goodness! What a year this has been for me. That I am here, on this last day of 2007, with my head up and my heart in tact is a miraculous, miraculous thing! It is testament that there is a good and merciful God, a power beyond my comprehension, who has cradled me, rocked me, sustained me, and restored me through valleys as bleak and opaque as India ink.

I lost my brother Leroy in 2007, and close family members Helen, Albert, Joan, and several other friends near and dear. There were days I thought I could not possibly make it through, but I did! I did!

And, there was a major literary disappointment that seemed so unnecessary because the professional involved was so unethical. But, then, maybe, rather than be disappointed I should be rejoicing. All relationships are not meant to be. I wish her well. I wish goodness and success for her in everything she does just as I wish those blessings for myself in all I do.

But life has its balances too, at least in the literary world. Another professional has been such a pleasure - running with a project I thought was lifeless, and landing it in the lap of one of the major players at one of Hollywood's top three talent agencies! He shocked us both with his desire to pitch it! And though he admits it is a difficult project, he still wants to hold on to it. Who would have ever thunk it??? Thank you!!! You go girl!

So, I release 2007 for the unknowns of 2008. I enter this new year with respect and awe and the reality that every moment will hold its own mysteries and I will just be along for its unfoldings and its journeys - if I'm blessed.

I thank you all for your friendship, for your kinship, for your love, and for your support. And above all I lift you high in my prayers this coming year. Get ready! Here it comes!

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